Rizlan, CEO and Founder

An entrepreneur, eco-warrior, adventurer and wildlife enthusiast. These elements make up the personality of the founder of Ecoware Lanka. As a wildlife advocate, his drive has been to make people more conscious of plastic pollution on the island of Sri Lanka.

He decided to share his sizable knowledge on how to achieve an environmentally sustainable company, which resulted in the establishment of the first company to deal with plastic reduction through providing eco-friendly products and packaging.

Riz is also a driven hospitality entrepreneur and has founded 2 successful restaurants based on delicious plant-based menus. (check out


Lizette, Senior Business Advisor and Co-founder

Having grown up in the Hague (The Netherlands) close to the sea, it was no surprise that Lizette’s adventures brought her to Sri Lanka, which she eventually turned into her second home. As a professional in business expansion, a child psychologist running her own practice, and a mother of two, Lizette brings her expertise to the business development of Ecoware Lanka. She advises on opportunities and, together with the team, steers the business towards success and sustainability.

Lizette is also involved with projects surrounding child care in Sri Lanka, in which she makes great improvements for children on the island. Her passion for Ecoware Lanka as a co-founder was inspired by her children’s generational crisis on plastic pollution, and this has led her to explore innovative solutions for an eco-friendly environment and conscious lifestyle.